Domestic Violence Against Women Essay

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How to Tackle Terror at Home Sections III, IV AND V The prime proposal to save children from the effects of domestic violence is to provide them with a good environment and upbringing during their childhood. In my opinion, on a government level, we need to develop prevention programs with the help of the community that provide awareness to couples who are becoming parents and explain to them the importance of a good safe upbringing to their children. Failing to do this, what are the long term effects on their children? According to Stevenson (2007) “… chronic exposure to trauma or toxic stress in early childhood can permanently damage the brain and severely affect all aspects of future learning, behavior and health.” In the article “Decent Upbringing,” the authors state that “…Children witnessing acts of domestic violence between people they love can be affected as much as if they were the victims of the violence, and have greater emotional and behavioral problems than other children. Basically I think it all boils down to a good upbringing and a happy family life.” (2012, February 12). The British Journal of School Nursing states that “…The care provided by parents is often shaped by their own experience of attachment received in childhood.” Other solutions for children who are living in an environment where domestic violence is present involve schools and school programs. Teachers can work with children and parents to promote awareness and identify problems and the lasting impact of family violence on children. Parents and teachers need to act as role models for the kids and encourage them to be empathic towards others. Many people still believe that children who are exposed to domestic violence are not likely to indulge in the same behavior because they themselves were the victims at one point in their lives. However, several studies have shown that

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