Domestic Violence Essay

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Jaclyn Negro Professor Brinson-Mulraine Sociology Domestic Violence Domestic Violence is violence or physical abuse directed toward your spouse or domestic partner; usually violence by men against women. Domestic Violence is any type of violence, abuse, or threat of violence that one partner in a relationship commits against another. It includes physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, and verbal abuse. Physical includes pushing, shoving, slapping, hitting with fist, kicking, choking, grabbing, pinching, pulling hair, or threatening with weapons. Sexual abuse includes forced sex with the threat of violence, sex after violence has occurred, or the use of objects or damaging acts without the woman's consent. Psychological and emotional abuse includes brainwashing, control of the woman's freedom to come and go when she chooses. Verbal abuse includes name-calling, putting down and makes the partner feel bad. Domestic violence is a serious problem that has been happening for centuries. In the U.S. each year it affects millions of people, most often women. Domestic Violence involves a range of behaviors. Examples include punches, kicks, slaps, hits, shoves, forcing partner to perform degrading tasks, using degrading remarks, sexual assault, rape, and any other tactics used to establish power and control over a partner. Domestic Violence can occur in any relationship, married or unmarried, homosexual or heterosexual. Domestic Violence is approximately 95% of the victims are women and 5% are men. In the United States every nine seconds a woman is assaulted and beaten. Four million women a year are assaulted by their partners. In the U.S a woman is more likely to be assaulted, injured, raped or killed by a male partner than by any other type of assailant. Every day four women are murdered by husbands or boyfriends. One in five women reported she had been raped

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