Domestic Violence Essay

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Domestic Violence Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior to willfully intimidate, sexually assault, coercive, threaten, control, batter, or other abusive behavior towards an intimate partner. This includes women, men, or children. For this paper my focus will be on domestic abuse inflicted on women and children at the hands of their Spouse/Father. Understanding the history of domestic violence as well as, the nature of social problems experienced and intervention strategies is important in ending abuse. Domestic violence is sadly, a rampant part of our society throughout history. According to early Roman law the husband owns his wife therefore she is his property and may do with her as he sees fit. If the husband chooses he may beat, rape, divorce even murder his wife if he thought she belittles his honor or threatened his property. These were considered private matters and were not publicly scrutinized. (Violence Against Women 1994). In the 15 century England the Catholic Church endorsed “The Rules of Marriage”. The rules stated the husband is his wife’s judge and juror. Husbands would beat their wife’s with a stick for an offense he thought she committed. The “Rules” read beatings showed concern for his wife’s soul. England’s common law gave men free rein to beat their wife’s for it was thought it would maintain family discipline. Early America laws were passed banning family violence, although not firmly enforced. America 1870 states began to ban a man’s right to beat his family. Thou the laws were somewhat enforced the 1960 feminist movement brought the crises in domestic abuse using the media as a vehicle to get the word out. In 1964 Rainbow Retreat(Phoenix, AZ) and Haven House (Pasadena, CA founded in 1964) worked together and began treating battered women marries to alcoholic men. This was the first shelter of its kind and thankfully thousands have

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