Domestic Violence Essay

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Taviona Harris March 3, 2011 Communication Speech Ms. Brackett Domestic Violence Who wants to be abused? Abused can leave you scared for life or maybe make you someone different. Domestic violence is a problem and today’s society; mostly in any community. Domestic violence is used by one person in the relationship to control the other such as wife, child, or husband. Relationship can be married or not married, gay, living together. There are victims of domestic violence and don’t even know it. Domestic violence really has an effect on someone from childhood. There are also From childhood, scientifically children that exposed to domestic violence have a serious of not maybe domestic violence but negative outcomes and can most likely lead to physical abuse. Proven 30% to 60% of perpetrators of intimate partner violence also abuse children in the household. On the other hand all adults are not victims of domestic violence. Either some victims get out or some just stay. Facts state that one in every four will experience domestic violence. Information says that 85% of domestic violence are women. Also, men that is raised in a abusive home is most likely to become a static to violence whether it’s domestic, sexual, physical, emotional, or verbal. Last but not least there are four typical stages of abusive; physical, emotional, sexual, and verbal. Physical abuse is intended to cause pain or injury. Emotional abuse is embarrassing the privately or publicly, telling the victim what they can and cannot do. Sexual is when you are forced into sexual activity. Verbal abuse is abuse in language. To sum all this up domestic is not positive at all. I see domestic violence as a wrong thing to do because no one wants to get hurt physically, emotionally, sexually, or verbally. It should be away that you can order someone to do without putting yourh hands on

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