Domestic Violence Essay

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Domestic Violence: The effect on witnesses Melanie Brock GEN 499 General Education Capstone Professor Micheal Pelt May 10, 2015 The topic of my research paper will be Domestic Violence and whether or not families ever break free from the grip of the abuse and its impact on their lives. I am interested in this topic for a number of reasons. First, I have volunteered with the Guardian Ad Litem child advocacy program in the State of Florida for a number of years and I see many children who are taken out of their homes because their mothers are physically abused by men in the homes. These children’s whole lives are displaced and forever changed by the violence they see their mother’s endure many times at the hands of their fathers. It is an important subject because domestic violence affects society as a whole. Just in the case of these children they will grow up and how they have seen adults interact with each other they may potentially take with them in their own lives and just perpetuate the abuse or allow themselves to be abused. The problem has not been solved because it is so large and spans so wide across all races, ethnicities and classes that it is hard to define why it happens exactly. Is it a power issue? Is it a gender issue? Barriers that get in the way is that many times it goes undetected and outsiders are unaware it is even happening to give someone help. Women may be embarrassed or scared for themselves or their children to report it or to leave the situation or they may feel like they have nowhere to go. The topic is certainly relevant now because on college campuses young women are being sexually assaulted at an alarming rate. This goes hand in hand with violence against women and how these campuses have handled all of these assaults over time has been disgraceful. To fix this problem I would implement training in schools when

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