Domestic Violence Essay

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Domestic Violence Shamirrah Edwards General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to volunteer to help violence against women. Central Idea: We can help by combating violence against women and promote various programs and charities that are linked with this important cause. Pattern of Organization: Monroe’s Motivated Sequence (Step 1 – Gain Attention) Introduction: Every girl wishes for that perfect guy and that perfect relationship. But little do they know that perfect guy can turn into their biggest nightmare. Kisses and hugs can easily turn into kicking and punching. The “I love you” can turn into “I’m sorry I promise I’d never do it again”. I know from witnessing such a cruel act that created fear that comes out of it and the effect it has on an individual affected by it. For an example, one of my childhood friends met this guy who she swear was perfect. But before she knew it what was once so prefect became her biggest regret. At first , he was really nice by taking her out on dates, surprising her with luxury gifts and treating her how a girl should be treated. All of sudden a great night turned into the worst night. He put his hands on her once and it turned into an ongoing process. From the first time he put his hands on her it gotten worse and worse. The littlest things like arguments little disagreements turned into the biggest beatings. He beat her until she couldn’t scream anymore. He beat her to the ground and she laid there crying for help.

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