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Gender Crime Victimization of domestic violence is a worldwide problem no matter what culture, class or race. The organizations Haven Hills Incorporation and Coalition against Rape and Abuse, Inc. are helping women and children affected by domestic violence with safety and support. In addition to many organizations like these Margaret L. Anderson speaks out about prevalent issues and social problems with domestic violence in her book Thinking about Women. There are many different figures and distinctiveness of domestic violence and they may vary in many different aspects of abuse. Domestic violence is the act of violence or abuse upon a person living in one’s household especially a member of one’s immediate family. Many social factors that contribute most to this social problem are the fact that for many centuries within the law men were allowed to beat their wives. Anderson states that, “…violence against women in families is a form of social control- one that emerges from the patriarchal structure and ideology of the family” (182). Domestic violence occurs in family violence such as partner violence, incest, and sexual abuse. C.A.R.A. says that 95% of women are victims of domestic violence. Domestic Violence happens when one person in the family or relationship feels that they are at liberty to control another. This happens to the least powerful and most dependent partner being most at risk. Anderson says that, “approximately one-quarter of women and 7.6% of men have been physically assaulted or raped by a current or former spouse, cohabiting partner, or date at some point in their lifetime” (183). Historically men expressed authority through wife beating. Since the seventeenth century up until the nineteenth century it was in the law where men could legally beat their wives. Studies indicate that women are most likely to be abused. This shows how

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