Domestic Violence Essay

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Domestic Violence Domestic violence is a social problem in today’s society that knows no boundary. It affects men and women of all ages, socioeconomic classes and backgrounds. The person that you are standing next to at Wal-Mart, sitting next to at work or sitting next to a school may be a victim of domestic violence. Although not socially acceptable behavior, it is at times ignored by the general public by those who do not want to get involved or by those who feel that the victim must have had some blame in the cause of the violence. Domestic violence becomes a social problem when the effect of the problem moves outside of the home where the violence is taking place. The effects of domestic violence are felt well outside of the home by healthcare workers, school personnel, social workers, law enforcement and employers. The person who is being victimized may have to call on local law enforcement for help during times of violence and healthcare workers may have to provide treatment for lacerations and broken bones immediately after the acts are committed. School personnel, social workers and employers are left to deal with the fallout of the violence in the following days and years. The children may have behavioral issues that have to be handled while they are at school by the teachers, counselors and principals. The problem with this is those people may have no idea why the child has a behavior problem and what the child is seeing at home. Social workers who are called on to deal with problems within the home are left to deal with the lack of care for children who have to go into the foster care system, the denial of the victim that the abuse is continuing and the lack of funding when trying to find a safe haven for both the victim and the children. Employers feel the fallout of domestic violence from both the abuser and the victim. When the abuser is

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