Domestic violence Essay

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Evaluate the effectiveness of measures to deal with domestic violence? The legal system and government have come under much scrutiny for their failure to effectively deal with domestic violence. Independent research found 23% of Australian women have experienced domestic violence. Domestic violence is Australia’s silent shame and because it happens behind closed doors society can pretend it doesn’t happen. Domestic violence is when a family member is physically or mentally harmed by another family member. This can include physical violence, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, intimidation, economic deprivation and threats of violence. Society used to think that domestic violence was a private matter between a husband and wife. This is still evident today with neighbours more willing to respond to a break and enter than an obvious incident of domestic violence. Domestic violence is an issue for society as a whole to deal with; it is not simply people’s personal affairs. It affects a person’s physical, mental and social health and affects all aspects of their lives. It not only takes up 60% of police time and clogs up the courts but from 2002-2003 DV cost Australia 8.1 billion dollars. Domestic violence is everybody’s problem as if affects the country as a whole. Society’s view of domestic violence is slowly changing with the least discussed issue in Australia finally opening up. Domestic violence has come from the dominance of males over the females through out history. This is the same in the home. Females were seen only to cook, clean, have children and serve males. Men almost owned their wife and this dominance is still present today. Some men still treat their wife as their property or believe that they have the right to be dominant over their wife. This is expressed in abuse or controlling their wife’s life. In the past women had little

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