Domestic Violence Essay

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LAW ENFORCEMENT ROLE WITH DOMESTIC VIOLENCE LAW ENFORCEMENT ROLE WITH DOMESTIC VIOLENCE Ed Foster Union Institute & University Professor Lee Spector September 6, 2012 LAW ENFORCEMENT ROLE WITH DOMESTIC VIOLENCE 1 Domestic Violence has multiple forms, it could be either physical, sexual or psychological. This form of violence takes place with spouses, partners, co-habitating couples as well as dating couples. As defined by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Domestic Violence is defined as any threatened or actual violence occurring between family members or current and former intimate partners (Townsend, et al 2006). Over the years Domestic Violence has become much more publicized, increasing violence as well as rapidly growing. When we here about Domestic Violence or even think about it for that matter the first party that comes to mind are Women. But little to the public eye, or is rarely publicized, Domestic Violence is an issue for both men and women, but it is so widely publicized with women. Domestic Violence is a serious issue that not only plague America but is an all over the world. According to a National Family Violence Survey that was performed, it was found that 1 out 26 American Wives were beaten by their husbands each year, this equates to 1.8 million women a year (Strauss, et al., 1980). What's even more astonishing is that 1.3 million women that is in an intimate relationship are also included in this violent survey. According to the National Violence against women, in a 1996 survey, intimate partners were responsible for 1800 Domestic Violence murders. (Greenfield, 1998). Another survey performed by the National Crime Victimization Survey in 1999 projected that 600,000 women age 12 and older where victims of domestic violence by the hands of their

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