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Domestic Terrorism in the United States of America Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: Date: Abstract The United States of America is currently engaged globally in the fight against terrorism. A number of foreign terrorist have attacked the United States abroad, in its embassies and other interests and also in its soil as happened in September 11th. Though the issue of international terrorism is a huge challenge for the United States government there exists even another challenge of domestic terrorism in America. These are American citizens or other nationalities that live in America, who driven by their evil ideologies intimidate and attack other innocent civilians or their property. This paper evaluates…show more content…
According to Griset & Mahan (2003) the earliest form of domestic terrorism can be traced as far is 1773, when America was a British colony in what is known as the “Boston tea party”. When the British East India Company was struggling from financial problems, it was given the go ahead to sell their tea without payment of taxes by the enactment of the Tea Act of 1773. American businessmen, who were obligated to pay taxes, became angry for the unfair discrimination given to the East India Company, and since they were not represented, the British government started to protest against the company, and led by Samuel Adams, they staged demonstrations against the tea tax. The then Massachusetts governor declined to release three ships in the Boston harbor without paying taxes. On the 16th December 1773, about 150 men disguising themselves as members of the Mohawk stormed the three ships and together they destroyed all the 342 tea caskets and threw it in the sea; in return, Great Britain closed the Boston port until all the…show more content…
Initially, in the early 20's there was the time of Bolshevik revolution which was formed in the Soviet Union in 1917 and had a powerful effect on the socialist supporters all over the world, including the USA. It was a period when many Americans build wealth. This resulted in agitation and labor strikes, anarchist, as well as communist who used violence in expressing their extremist sentiments to other American citizens (Pillar & Armacost 2001). This frightened the authorities that the terrible fear of communism had in fact reached the American soil. In one of the fist cases that they had investigated by the FBI was the case of the Wall Street bombing. At around noon on September 16th 1920, a cart drawn by a horse and equipped with around one hundred pounds of dynamite, and around five hundred pounds of cast iron pieces was exploded from J.P Morgan bank headquarters in the outskirts of

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