Domestic Terrorism In The United States Of America Essay

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Domestic Terrorism in the United States of America Student’s Name: Instructor’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: Date: Abstract The United States of America is currently engaged globally in the fight against terrorism. A number of foreign terrorist have attacked the United States abroad, in its embassies and other interests and also in its soil as happened in September 11th. Though the issue of international terrorism is a huge challenge for the United States government there exists even another challenge of domestic terrorism in America. These are American citizens or other nationalities that live in America, who driven by their evil ideologies intimidate and attack other innocent civilians or their property. This paper evaluates the history, the challenges, effect and how this menace is being tackled. Domestic Terrorism in the United States of America In 1994 the federal bureau of investigations (FBI) terrorist research and analytical centre released a memo that defined domestic terrorism as the illegal use of violence or force that is committed by either an individual, two or more groups of people against people or property, so as to intimidate either a certain government or a certain civilian population or any segment meant for political or social objectives. According to Griset & Mahan (2003) the earliest form of domestic terrorism can be traced as far is 1773, when America was a British colony in what is known as the “Boston tea party”. When the British East India Company was struggling from financial problems, it was given the go ahead to sell their tea without payment of taxes by the enactment of the Tea Act of 1773. American businessmen, who were obligated to pay taxes, became angry for the unfair discrimination given to the East India Company, and since they were not represented, the British government started to protest against the

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