Domestic Spying Essay

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1. What potential impact can domestic spying have on society? Even though domestic spying has widespread support for governmental interventions to prevent terrorism there still some with mix feeling about it. President Bush signed a bill to spy on Americans and foreign nationals. Many was against the signing of a Domestic spying started after 9/11 terrorist attacks. The potential impact domestic spying can have on society is economic consequences. Another potential impact of domestic spying is the invasion of the American people privacy. The American people already have a hard time trusting the government but domestic spying increases their distrust. The government has lied and been in more scandals than anything. Many wonder is the increase invasion of privacy is it necessary. The sources said the actual work of the NSA is so closely held that it is difficult to determine whether it is acting within the law (Eggen, 2005). There is the potential impact of domestic spying will it could lead to racial profiling and have impact on culture. Domestic spying will have a greater impact on some culture more than others. Also the potential impact it will change the civil rights of the American people. There is also the potential impact it will have on terrorist. Domestic spying can cause the terrorist to change their plans or to adapt the new domestic spying policy. Terrorist will figure out they are being monitor by the government and take another route to carry their plans for attack. Domestic spying may impact the right to a fair trial. It could lead to thousand being put in jail without trail. 2. How role does modern technology play in this topic? Modern technology plays a major role in domestic spying. The government might use "electronic surveillance techniques and equipment that are more powerful and sophisticated than those available to law enforcement agencies
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