Domestic Love Essay

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Love is the oil that eases the friction, the cement that binds a family closer together, and the music that brings harmony in domestic life. But in life, domestic love will be tested. As read in the short stores of “The Silver Dish” by Saul Bellow, “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin and “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty, domestic love can be explained and tested against the toughest path of life. Coincidently, domestic love was weathered though life’s trenches in the life of James Baldwin. In the end, through thick and thin, whether it is faint or strong one will still posses a sense of domestic love. In “A Silver Dish” by Saul Bellow the character Woody Selbst loves his father Morris much like a father would love his irresponsible, egotistical son. The self-centered actions taken by his father led him fending for himself financially for school. Woody has such love for his father that he gives his father all his savings so he can leave the family to be with his mistress. Morris stated, “You got to lend me money to buy gasoline- the caddie money you saved” (563). Woody against his better judgment trusted his father, by taking him to his patrons, Mrs. Skoglund’s home. It was discovered that Morris stole a silver dish. Woody stated, “Pop, you shouldn’t have done it” (576). Morris replayed “No? Well, I don’t give a care, if you want to know. You can have the dish if you want to go back and square yourself with all those hypocrites” (576). Upon the death of Morris, Woody declared, “ You could never pin down that self-willed man. When he was ready to make his move, he made it-always on his own terms. And always, always, something up his sleeve. That was how he was” (580). At this point, at the end of this road, domestic love is still instilled in Woody for his father. In “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin the character Sonny always used music as a way to escape his
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