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Domestic Agression Essay

  • Submitted by: prince23
  • on December 3, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Domestic Violence:
The most secure place for humankind is their residence; an environment to feel totally loved and full of memorable joyful memories. Nevertheless, and very often, this secure place is substituted with domestic violence. Aggressive behaviors like financial compulsion, sexual, psychological, emotional and physical abuse are the distinctive patterns of domestic violence amongst family members in the contemporary societies (Bourg, Sherrie and Harley 2009). This essay will highlight the basis of domestic violence, points out the most vulnerable victims of domestic violence and identify the profound resolutions aimed at reducing acts of violence within households.
Various approaches have been postulated to explain the origins of domestic violence. However, no single approach can be fully examined to elucidate this act. A chain of sophisticated and interconnected social structural, social economic and social cultural issues appears to be the roots of violence among family members (Eng, Yingli Miriam and Judith 2010). In modern societies, particularly in urban areas, regular demand for professional progress, projections of achievement, and unattainable lifestyles, have subjected contemporary humanity to regular perceptions of self rejection, stress, and frustration (UNICEF 2008). The truth, on contrary to this fallaciously presented perfect community, with its disparities, resulting to ,   poverty, deprived households, low levels of education and joblessness accompanied by   few   occupational opportunities, results in decline of positive perceptions which frequently brings aggressive violent outbreaks.   More importantly, there is a wide perception of men as the sole provider of financial securities in households. When an individual considers the responsibilities bestowed on men, appear as the main provider of home’s financial security, these perceptions of probable failure may give the primary social structural cause...

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