Dolores Price She's Come Undone

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She's Come Undone is a coming of age novel written by author Wally Lamb and published by Simon & Schuster on the 24th of August 1992. In the book we follow a young Dolores Price as she ages from a child to an adult witnessing her life tragedies. Dolores turns to food for comfort after her rape and abandonment by her father. After her mother's death years later she is propelled into the world alone at over 250 pounds determined to give herself a second chance and make her mother proud. Dolores signs herself up for college - something her mother always wanted her to do. "This was what my mother had wanted for me: a Tricia Nixon life. I'd create one for her, a gift. Maybe I'd lose weight. Or maybe Kippy was fat, too. I saw us walking to class, two jolly fat girls, sharing a joke-- my mother's death successfully hidden." This quote shows Dolores making the decision to go off to college, something she had spent months trying to get out of. "“I love you, Ma. This is for you. For you, Ma. I love you.”" Dolores chants over and over as she sends off her letter to college. This is where her new life really begins. Dolores' life transition after going to college and meeting Kippy was both negative and positive. She becomes Kippy's slave, washing her clothes, bringing her food and retrieving her mail which Dolores keeps for herself. She becomes obsessed with Kippy's boyfriend Dante who Dolores feels she does not deserve. Later, she meets Dot, an overweight lesbian woman who she has a one night stand with before fleeing to Cape Cod where she attempts suicide, only to change her mind. She is then institutionalized until she is considered sane enough to live in a half-way house. Here she devises a plan to meet Dante the object of her college obsession and puts it into action. She and Dante are then in love and she falls pregnant, to Dante's annoyance. She has an abortion and

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