Dolly Parton Influence On Country Music

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Country music began in the 1920’s in the Southern states of the USA (Wikipedia, 2012). It continues to be a popular musical genre today; however, it no longer has one specific style. Country music has developed over the years and branched out into many different types and subgenres. Even though country music has grown it still must follow certain guidelines to fall under the category of Country Music. Country music tells a story usually dramatic to a harmonious tune. It places an emphasis on the lyrics and the voice is always predominant in the songs (Michaud, 2011). Dolly Parton is known as the “Queen of Country Music” (Wikipedia, 2012). She loves country music and is very enthusiastic about the same. In an interview she told the interviewee that she chose country because “There is so much passion and everyday life in the songs (Country Legends, 2011).” When taking a closer look at her songs we will be able to see this. Even though she was a country singer at heart she was unable to stick to her country roots in the start of her career. In 1965 Dolly signed with Monument Records. They saw Dolly as a “bubblegum pop singer” versus a country singer and encouraged her to sing as the same (Wikipedia, 2012). She did…show more content…
She mentions that you could always find “fiddles, mandolins, banjos and guitars (The Library of Congress, 2007).” Her favorite instrument was the banjo and she states that she very good playing this instrument (The Library of Congress, 2007). You can hear Dolly playing this instrument, going back to her roots, in the song “Applejack” which is about a man that she grew up with. This song is a traditional country song. Dolly is talking while playing the banjo and then she breaks out into song while singing the chorus. The chorus is a memorable one which is easy to sing along, and the story of this man she grew up with is a sweet

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