Doll's House Representations of Marriage

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A Doll’s House Marriage is monopolizing. There are constant arguments over decisions; which bed sheet covers to buy, where the in-laws are going to sleep and where the new futon is going to go. These arguments occur due to the fact that both partners hold equal influence in their relationship and in their marriage both the partners’ opinions are valid. However in A Doll’s House it shows the exact opposite. The marriage between the characters Nora and Trovald can be read as a representation of the need for power and authority in a patriarchal society. Trolvald’s character is constructed as the epitome of a good husband just as Nora seems to be of a wife. The character is doting, listens to Nora’s wishes through some pleasing on Nora’s part. And Nora’s character a brilliant wife who does as her husband wishes and keeps him pleased, even if it sacrifices herself. However we soon realise that he holds all of the power in the relationship. This is established very quickly in the play as he starts his conversations with Nora and the terms he uses to address Nora, “little skylark”(1) “ my little squirrel” (2) , “ poor little girl” (5) and “my little Nora” (7) “ my obstinate little woman”. These terms constantly use the word little; Nora’s character is a grown woman and furthermore, his wife who has birthed his three children, but he still goes on to call her a ‘girl’ refusing her the respect as a mature woman that she deserves. This shows one way how Trovald empowers himself; by representing Nora as a small person. His empowerment can also be seen in his actions. In the very first scene he “goes up to her and takes her playfully by the ear”. This action is very demeaning, for a grown woman to be yanked at by the ear; it is an action, which you use to punish children. This shows how Trovald perceives his wife and her actions, dumb and childlike. Trovalds character

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