Doll's House Quotes

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A Doll’s House Quotes and Analysis Marriage * NORA: "How painful and humiliating it would be for Torvald […] to know that he owed me anything! It would upset our mutual relations altogether." (1.197) | * The Helmers' marriage is based on maintaining a veneer of male dominance. * Use of exclamation – she herself cannot come to terms with humiliating her husband * NORA: "Christine is […] is frightfully anxious to work under some clever man, so as to perfect herself--" (1.282) | * Nora's relationship with her husband seems to be built on careful manipulation of his ego. * HELMER: "Nice?--because you do as your husband wishes? Well, well, you little rogue, I am sure you did not mean it in that way." (2.82-2.83) | * Cumulative rhetorical questions and the repetition of ‘nice’ from ‘Nora’s’ previous statement (intonation) * Accentuate and reinforce Helmer’s genuine belief in him (the husband) possessing control over what his wife (Nora) does. * Comments like this from Torvald demonstrate that the Helmers are in a dysfunctional marriage. * HELMER: "Well, we will share it, Nora, as man and wife should. That is how it shall be." | * Repeition and the pauses through the use of commas * Create a sense of irony * Their relationship is far from one that is a ‘shared experience’, it is one based on gendered power roles. * Helmer seems to be aware of the concept that marriage is a shared experience. * HELMER: "The child [Nora] shall have her way." (2.385) | * Helmers' relationship seems to be more like a father and a daughter than a husband and wife. * Lexis – word ‘child’ * Strips her adulthood and real identity away from her * In relevance to the ‘doll-like’ symbolism of her persona * MRS. LINDE: "Nils, a woman who
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