Doll House Persuasive Essay

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Saad Arslan March 7, 2009 Mr. Rosales English Hrs. Persuasive Essay A Wife Prioritizes her Sacred Duties to Herself Over Her Family The status of a “wife” in a family is like the long handle of an umbrella. The handle of an umbrella holds up the umbrella so that it may shelter those underneath it. But if that handle is loose or broken, then the umbrella simply can not carry out its purpose. Similarly, a wife supports her spouse so that they may shelter their family underneath it. The wife plays an incredibly significant role in a family. She typically contributes to her household by helping nurture the family, taking care of the family, encouraging the family, and overall providing support to its structure. In Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll House, Nora is a content wife and mother who supposedly performs the ideal role of a wife. Since her husband Torvald becomes ill early in their marriage, she fraudulently negotiates a loan with a man named Krogstad, in order to save his life. This loan ultimately takes her out of roles and brings her into conflict with reality, since women cannot commit such a crime. After failing numerous attempts to keep the loan a secret, Nora discovers her real situation as her problems become worse. After Torvald discovers that Nora forged her father's signature on the loan bond, he nullifies their marriage. He doesn't care that Nora did this because she loves him very much, but he declares that he can not lose his honor and reputation over her love. Only when he finds out that Nora won't be charged, he forgives her, and tries to keep her. But it is not going to help him because Nora realized that Torvald doesn't love her. Once Nora recognized the truth about her marriage, she understood that she can no longer stay in the strange man's house. She decides that she has to leave her house and resolve her bewildered, true
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