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Nora Helmer, in Henrick Ibsen’s A Doll House seems like a naïve character that doesn’t have knowledge of the outside world and the importance of life. She sounds like a happy person that hasn’t gone through hardship, and doesn’t know how to make the right choices for herself. When she starts to realize that life shouldn’t be like this, we see that she isn’t as happy as she seems. Ibsen uses her husband Torvald Helmer to criticize Nora Helmer’s choices. Ibsen has an intelligent way of criticizing the choices Nora makes by using Torvald to insult her decisions. Nora says, “Come in here Torvald, see what I’ve bought. (I.37-39)” Torvald then responds, “Has my little spendthrift been spending money again? (I.41)” “She doesn’t take criticism from her husband as a negative, but instead reacts affectionately to her husband. Torvald also calls Nora, “silly girl” many times. He calls her silly girl because of the choices Nora makes like with the family’s money, which she spends carelessly. In the beginning, Nora seems excited about her husband’s new job and the money it will bring her family, and instead of using it wisely she thinks that she can use it for extra items. After Torvald argues with Nora for a bit about how she can’t be reckless with the money they are getting, Nora says, “Yes Torvald, we may be a wee bit more reckless now, mayn’t we…you are going to have a big salary…(I.46-48)”. Torvald then responds, “Yes, after the new year…(I.49-50)” Nora then responds, “Pooh! We can borrow until then! (I.51)” Nora thinks that the extra money can be used for anything even though Torvald wants to save it. Helmer says, “You can’t deny it…it’s a sweet little spendthrift, but she uses up a great deal of money.” Nora then replies, “It’s a shame to say that, I really do save all I can. (I.124)” Helmer then says, “You’re an odd little soul. Very like your father. You

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