Doll House Critique

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Literary criticism: ADH Critique Henrik Isben is one of the more well-known early drama writers and is an individual who has been studied for his excelling playwrights. The prime example being A Doll’s House and its wide array of controversial issues. One of those issues primarily being the lower treatment of women as a group instead of as individuals. He, as a writer, shines the spotlight on these issues with full intent to inform and not to reform. Isben wants to highlight how crude not having equality for women is, especially when a portion of them are smarter than a portion of the opposite gender and vice versa. He shows Nora’s husband in an attempt to emphasize the negative part of the non-feminism side. He shows him as a belittling man to his “squanderbird” and how he treats her with little respect.(A Doll’s House) He does so by using little nicknames that remind her of problems she has while she retains herself from pointing out his flaws. Although, it is understandable that she doesn’t point out his flaws with all the lies and guilt she has stacked up on her marriage. Assuming that this was the point of having Nora’s husband as a character, he showed the crudeness very discreetly and elegantly. He also emphasizes the fact that women don’t have as much credibility and respect outside of the home, especially at jobs. Men were portrayed as the moneymakers while woman were just the mothers. For example, when Nora’s friend from school was married her husband was in complete control of his business. However, when he passed away the whole thing collapsed. He didn’t see her as ever needing to live without him and that is the impotence that was intended to be portrayed. At the beginning of the story, Nora seemed to like the lifestyle. As the play continued, she realized her need for independence, which is why I believe she took the lending into her own hands.
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