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Doing You Homework On Time Essay

  • Submitted by: rish619
  • on January 4, 2012
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Doing Homework on Time
A person has its up’s and downs in their   daily life. Usually, my good days are the days where nothing bad happens while my bad days range from irritating to scathing. Every other day just falls in the mediocre level. Although good days are welcomed and favorable, my bad days are the ones that I remember clearly mostly because of the lessons they teach me about what to not do anymore to avoid future dilemmas. Some of my worst days arise from procrastination and underestimating the extent of my homework. One instance in particular has taught me to do at least ninety-nine percent of homework at home as well as to remember what my homework actually was.
On some days, I get a little lazy and do my homework of my last few class periods during my first few class periods. This was possible last year when my first few classes were the easiest classes I had all day, during which time I would usually do my homework for history or chemistry and sometimes both if I was feeling exceptionally tired or soporific the day before. Because chemistry could be done at lunch, I usually had to get history out of the way. During first period English, the lesson usually took half the class at most unless we had a test or quiz. This allowed time for me to do my homework for world history.
It was 7:30 A.M. and my teacher was pretty much finished with the short explanation on how to annotate the short story and answer the questions on the back. I worked on the short story until my teacher told us it was due Friday. I glanced at the calendar. It was Tuesday. Hmm that means I should probably do this Thursday night at 10:00 P.M., I thought. I then remembered the history chart I didn’t bother doing last night. Sometimes I set alarms to wake me up at three or four in the morning so I could finish all the homework I never did. Unfortunately, the alarm trick only works about half of the time. Sometimes, I would just turn it off and go back to my sedentary sleep. I...

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