Doing in Business in China Essay

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Doing Business in China Learning experiences. Unknowns for the future. A quick glance from Spain 1. Introduction In his book "China in perspective. Analysis and Interpretations", inspiration and guidance prior to my trip to Shanghai, the specialist in Chinese thought, politics and international relations Sean Golden commented " (...) no doubt that today China is a country of great importance, one of the major players in the global economy and geopolitics. But the general public lacks enough knowledge of the Chinese reality to understand how it works and how it reacts to global events.” Everybody may be aware that attributes, such as, (i) being the second global economy (just behind the U.S.) and enjoying one of the largest annual growth in the world for quite some time, (ii) being the world's most populous country (with a population about 1,400 million), (iii) being the third largest country in area (just behind Russia and Canada), (iv) to have the largest military in the world (as a number of members), (v) having nuclear weapons and (vi) being one of the permanent members of the Security Council of the United Nations, confirm what in other words Sean Golden meant: China is one of the major players in the global economy and geopolitics and China is about to become (if not already) the preeminent power in the world order. Having said that, and paraphrasing Sean Golden, I wonder: What we really know from the West about China and Chinese to understand how this power works? What knowledge of Chinese culture we have to allow us successful trading relationships and business with them? For example, are we really aware of the Chinese concepts or logics derived from the guanxi, renquing or xinyong? Obviously a week visit to Shanghai is not enough to acquire a solid and thorough response to these and many other questions that China poses. Even spending a lifetime in
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