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Doing business in China Even if the business world is international, the traditions, believes, the national behaviors are stayed important for the countries. By this fact we need to know how the business works in China.A number of criteria will be taken into account in order to be sure to succeed our implantation. 1.Aspect of Chinese territory Superficies of territory China is a big territory of 4 022 kilometers, surrounded by a majority of mountains, dessert. 90% of population lives on 15% of cultivable earth. This population is rural. Density of population The second particularity of Chinese territory is the density of population which is the bigger of the world….. Climate We have two types of climate of each side of Yangtsé In China of North: the winter begins in November and ends in March. It is dry and sunny but the temperature does increase rarely above 0°. The summer is hot and the thermometer reaches until 38°. July and August are wet in the region of Beijing, with frequent thunderstorms and storms. In China of South: Winters are shorter than summers but they are very cold and damp (except for several regions of extreme “south “such as Yunnan, Hainan and Guangdong). The temperature can drop until -10 °. July and August are the hottest month with a temperature above 38°. Three of the four major Chinese cities are located in these regions (Nanjing,Wuhan,Chongqing). The season of rains is in May and June. When it’s not raining the weather stays very wet. 2.Norms Working hours The timetable is flexible, according to the seasons and regions. For example, the lunch break is longest in summer than in winter but the work is delayed until the end of day. The Language The official language spoken in China is the “Putonghua” called the “mandarin”. The second language is English which is compulsory from primary school. AGE and a STATUS:

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