Doing Business in Various Cultures

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DOING BUSINESS IN CHINA Improved international relations, government reforms, an expanding economy and increased foreign investment make doing business in China a potentially lucrative(money making or profitable) affair. Doing business in China means that business people will come into increasingly frequent contact with Chinese business people and officials. It is imperative that those doing business in China learn about areas such business culture, business etiquette, meeting protocol and negotiation techniques in order to maximize the potential of their business trip. In this short guide to doing business in China, a few cultural facts and their influence on business culture and etiquette are explored. These are in no way meant to represent a comprehensive summary of tips on doing business in China but a highlighting of some important key areas one may encounter. Doing Business in China - Meeting & Greeting Doing business always involves meeting and greeting people. In China, meetings start with the shaking of hands and a slight nod of the head. Be sure not to be overly vigorous when shaking hands as the Chinese will interpret this as aggressive. The Chinese are not keen on physical contact - especially when doing business. The only circumstance in which it may take place is when a host is guiding a guest. Even then contact will only be made by holding a cuff or sleeve. Be sure not to slap, pat or put ySour arm around someone's shoulders. Body language and movement are both areas you should be conscious of when doing business in China. You should always be calm, collected and controlled. Body posture should always be formal and attentive as this shows you have self-control and are worthy of respect. Business cards are exchanged on an initial meeting. Make sure one side of the card has been translated and try and print the Chinese letters using gold ink as

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