Doing Business in China Essay

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Introduction For learning and studying purposes, the Lombard Risk Management Group which is one of the most excellent enterprise in UK and provider of trading financial products and risk management platform, as well as a variety of financial number analysis for primary financial institutions, the customers of our company includes the major banks all over the world, the main aim of it is renowned fund and fund management institutions. The Group has branches and offices on four continents in order to provide uninterrupted service to customers worldwide. Since 1989, the company was founded, we have provided the world's top of 100 banks in more than 50 products and service, Lombard Group has over 15 years of experience in financial software, and it has a high-quality professional R & D team and it has a very big space to develop, so that we have more room for development in the company's operations and product development. From international business point of view regarding China, its economic growth has produced outstanding results that the impressive development potential continues to attract a large number of investors came to this country and push up the economy. Consequently, the Chinese government would like to add foreign investment and continued to provide plenty chances as well as a lot of encouragement to foreign policy. However, investors are still complaining about the complexity of the business environment, lack of transparency, inconsistent enforcement and local protectionism. The Chinese government has increased support for the export country, mandatory restrictions in government procurement from foreign companies in 2009, with the new anti-monopoly law discourage foreign investment and which is facing pressure from trading partners "commodity dumping" practices. Despite these challenges, the Chinese economy market still remain competitive all over the
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