Dogville Essay

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Dogma 95 from The Idiots to Dogville Dogma 95 is a movement in film history described as a rescue action from bourgeois society. Lars Von Trier and Thomas Vinterburg, the founders of Dogma 95, criticized French new wave cinema for only catering to bourgeois society so they started the Dogma 95 movement to take cinema back to using only the simple aesthetics of film and try to create a sense of realism. They were tired of illusionary film and wanted to create something simple that could relate to everyone. They claimed movies were starting to hide behind these illusions. They were fed up with this type of illusionary film and that’s when they decided to create the Vow of Chastity which had its own set of rules to determine if a film was Dogma 95 or not. The second Dogma 95 film The Idiots takes a problem like retardation and makes it liberating. In this film people pretending to be retarded try to prove a point by leaving their regular middle class lives and revolting by ultimately spassing. The film Dogville is the complete opposite of any Dogma 95 film with an imaginary set with no walls, Von Trier attempts to criticize small town America. In this essay I will compare the film Dogville to The Idiots and show how it refutes the ideas developed around a Dogma 95 film. The film Dogville was developed around the whole idea of having no walls so the audience would have to use their imagination. A title at the beginning announces that what we're about to see is a film in nine parts plus a prologue. Our first view of the town of Dogville, located somewhere in the western United States in what seems to be the 1930s, comes in a high overhead shot. From this point of view the town resembles a Monopoly board or giant city plan that has come miraculously to life. Elm Street, for example, which has always lacked elms, as the narrator helpfully points out, is clearly labeled
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