Dogs Verses Cats

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Dogs bark a loud noise; however sometimes it can sound like a howl. It almost sounds like a cry or a wail. Dogs bark to let their human companions know when someone is coming up to the house, when someone is in the house that isn’t supposed to be, when something is wrong, when their hungry, and especially when they have to go potty. Unlike dogs, cats meow a low noise, cute, soft and quiet. But watch out some cats may hiss. They hiss because they feel threatened or because they just want their own space. A hiss from a cat sounds as if a human is sticking their tongue on the roof of their mouth and breathing out air, forcefully. Cats not only meow nor hiss they also purr. A purring from a cat sounds and feels like a vibration. When cats purr it is usually because they are happy. Dogs also love chew toys. Chew toys are something they can rip apart with their teeth and carry around with them in their mouths. Their chew toys can be quiet or they can be loud and squeaky. They also can be flavored to help keep the dogs’ breath odor away. Unlike dogs, cats have many kinds of toys but the most common toy for a cat is a scratch post. They love to dig their nails deep into the sandpaper-like post. Another big part of a dogs; life is their territory. They need an essential place to not only lay their loads but to burn off some energy. Big yards do wonders for dogs’. Most like dogs, cats also need a place to go when duty calls, most inside cats use a litter box with grainy, gravel-like pellets in the bottom. It is a small space compared to a yard where a dog can do his business. But some indoor cats like to go outside in the

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