Dogs Deserve Respect Too!

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What is a “typical” food? I think it has to do with cultural norms in order for us to define it. There are people around the world who eat all kind of weird food. Americans usually don’t eat organs of animals for reasons of revulsion. Being raised in an Asian family, I found it is nothing abnormal about eating pig liver, chicken feet, beef tendon, duck tongue, etc. Balut, a fertilized duck embryo that is boiled alive and eaten in the shell, prefer with chili and vinegar, is commonly eaten in the Philippines and can be found in some other Southeast Asia countries. I found it very disgusting but people treat it as delicacy across the country. “Are these people sick?!” This was my immediate response after I read an article from by Emily Lodish, called “What’s wrong with eating dog meat?” This article has undoubtedly made me feel repulsive about the traditional custom of eating dog meat in China and Korea. Their societies have neglected to pay high concern to mistreatment of dogs. In my opinion, eating dog meat should be banned. While reading this article, it also brought back a painful memory of mine. When I was in middle school, my family had a golden retriever. We named him ‘Lucky’ because he was born on the same day as my eldest brother got his first job. My family and I had developed a strong bond to Lucky. After living with lucky for 4 years, my family had to move to a new city because my dad got an offer for better opportunity on his work. He figured that it would be so inconvenient to bring along Lucky with us. Although reluctant to leave our most faithful and consistent companion, we decided to give it to one of our relatives who lived not far away. They were a middle age couples with a young child, we though they would share unlimited of love with Lucky and took good care of him. After a few months, we came back to visit them and at
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