Dogs Are Better Than Cats Essay

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Why dogs are better than cats Dogs are often called “man’s best friend” and make ideal pets. The most attractive quality of a dog is its faith in its owner and its loyalty. They always greet us when we come home and they will never leave us even in a dire situation. For example there was a very sick man and the dog barked and barked until the rescue team arrived. Introduction Background Thesis statement Argument 1 Topic sentence Supporting sentences Furthermore dogs are strong animals that will protect us. Houses with dogs are considered much safer than even those with burglar alarms. Not only will they stop thieves, but they will also guard against fire. For example there was a serious fire and a dog managed to pull its owner out. Argument 2 Topic sentence Supporting sentences And finally dogs can be trained to help people. Dogs can do a number of things that people can not. For example they can sniff out drugs, find bodies, illicit DVDs and hunt down prisoners. They’re also used to help the elderly and disabled. Argument 3 Topic sentence Supporting sentences To sum up, dogs are really friendly, civilized and loyal companions. Conclusion Page 1 Of 2 More great resources at: Teaching Ideas Introducing the Text    You could cut the document up into a jigsaw and ask students to put it into order (Discard the clues in the 2nd column). Keywords: The most / Furthermore / And Finally / To sum up Another idea would be to remove the 2nd column and ask students to highlight key structures. Structures: Introduction, Thesis statement, topic sentences, supporting sentences & the conclusion It could simply be used as an example of an argumentative essay for students to note the structure and how it is put together. Debate Follow up Encourage one team to support cats and the other team to support dogs.

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