Dogs Are Animal and Should Never Be Considered Safe

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Dogs can be a man’s best friend but we must never underestimate how dangerous they can be as they are descendants of the Wolf they should not be held responsible, their owners should. All over the world in various nations pets can be classified and valued as much more than an animal with some owners in favour in agreeing that dogs have a responsibility of their own. But can dogs really be responsible? I believe they are a potential threat to society. Dangerous dogs should be analysed throughout the community as they are susceptible to negative behaviour. The definition of a dangerous dog must be made clearer in legislation. One often talks about pit bull terriers, and other dangerous breeds. However, it is ironic that as far as I am aware regardless of the breed, ‘’dogs’’ in general are descendants of the wolf and should not be considered a responsible candidate for their own wellbeing and a completely safe companion for humans. We must never misjudge where inevitably dogs are from and what they actually are [pause] ’’ Animals.’’ Without ability to use reason animals are potentially more dangerous than humans and do not have the capacity or ability to establish calculated decisions. Yes dogs can be classified as companions and a strong sense of friendship can be established but dogs must never be underestimated and owners should always take into consideration that they are not as responsive and adjustable to our human world and existence. Animals especially dogs can become extensively prone to bad behaviour and can sometimes become overly violent and aggressive. Owners should take full responsibility for their dog’s negative behaviour. When incapable owners reframe from restraining their beloved pets they should feel the full weight of the law and be heavily penalised. At the end of the day we should be educating the owner, not the animal. The owner

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