Dogger Bank Incident

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Dogger Bank Incident ( UK v USSR, 1905) 1) Facts of the case Dogger Bank incident also known as the North Sea Incident, the Russian Outrage or the Incident of Hull, was occurring on the night on 21 October 1904 and was a product of Russo-Japanese war. Russian Baltic Fleets that are on the way to the Far East mistook some British trawlers as a Japanese Naval force when they met in the Dogger Bank, which is in the area of the North Sea. Russian Baltic Fleets have caused considerable damage towards British trawlers whereby two of the fishermen were killed and thirty others were injured. The incident strained the diplomatic relationship between British and Russians as well as outbreaks of war between them was possibly could happen. As further details, Russian warships that involved in the incident were on the way to the Far East, which is to strengthen their position during the Russia-Japanese War. The incident arose from the suspicion that the continental army have developed potential torpedo boats, which have potential to destroy warships, and can attack them in the blind side. The development of Japanese torpedo boat has caused a psychological stress to the sailors of the war. They were more aware and afraid of the Japanese torpedo when there was an intelligence report mentioned unidentified torpedo boats were leaving Norwegian waters and one of the Russia supply ships reported being attacked by torpedo boats. After the incident, British condemned Russia Baltic fleet as pirates and her Royal Navy was prepared for a war with 28 battleships being ordered to prepare for an attack. 2) Issue Involved a) Why Russian Baltic Fleet will launch their attacks towards British trawlers? Russia is engaging a war with Japan to fight over the rich resources of Manchuria and Korea, particularly the Port Arthur on the Leo Tung Peninsula, which situated on the
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