Dogfish Case Study

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1. What type of market research did Sam carry out before starting his business? Prior to Sam starting his business, he utilized primary research which consisted of reading books and magazines related to breweries. He wanted his brews to be more compatible with food and wine. Sam also researched the Delaware market and knew that brewpubs did not exist there. His research led him to convince the Delaware legislature to make brewpubs legal. Also the location (Rehoboth) was a good location because of the high volume of tourists from the Washington, D.C. area. 2. What research methods would you recommend for Dogfish Brewery today? Dogfish is known for its nontraditional ingredients and extreme brews. One method recommendation for DFH is to use tracking to research the larger brew companies on the internet. With Dogfish being a smaller brew business, its prices are higher than the bigger companies. Researching the larger beer companies may help with decreasing price and ingredient costs. The next method would be observation. Keeping an eye on purchases, interactions will assist with DFH getting a better understanding of popular beer purchases as well as what the patterns of the competitors and customers a. b. c. 3. How did the Calagiones segment their market? Name the segmentation method and the segment they chose? The Calagiones segmented their market by getting to know its market through spent time with retailers, distributors and customer influence. Instead of sticking with a particular demographic, the Calagiones choose to allow the customers to format themselves. The segmentation method used was behavioral. This segment is dividing the market by purchase behaviors that have been observed. Those who drink DFH are beer geeks, wine and food people. Their unique

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