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Dog Owner’s Liability Act: Consumer Rights Dogs are people’s best friends, but a dog is capable of turning into someone’s worst enemy with a single bite, and when this happens what remedies are available? Whether you are a victim of a dog attack or the owner of the dog, the best way to guarantee your protection is to understand the legislation. When the legislation is understood, everything will be easier in the long run for everyone. The Legislation In Ontario, the legislation for consumer and owner protection is the Dog Owners’ Liability Act (R.S.O. 1990, Chapter D.16). This act states that when a dog bites or attacks a person or another pet, the dog’s owner is liable for any damages. This act defines an “owner” as an individual who possesses the dog, and it states if a minor has possession of the dog, the…show more content…
Damages and Remedies Under the Dog Owners Liability Act, the individual who experienced the damage does not have to prove that the dog’s owner was negligent, or the owner in any way caused that the dog’s behaviour. The owner does not have to have any knowledge of the dog’s tendency for biting people, which he or she required under the old “one bite” rule. All that has to be shown under the legislation is that the dog bit or attacked someone, and the owner is automatically liable for the dog’s actions. In the extent of liability when a person is gets bitten or attacked by a dog with the intent to commit a crime on the owner’s property, the dog’s owner is not liable “unless the keeping of the dog on the premises was unreasonable for the purpose of the protection of persons or property.” If someone has been attacked or bitten by a dog to receive damages, the law states that the judge should take the owner’s fault into account when calculating damages. This may increase or decrease the damages

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