Does Work and Travel program as good as it is said?

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Work and Travel is a program providing opportunity for university student to work and live abroad for approximately three months. The program is provided by agencies of each countries participating which in this case is Thailand and United States of America. Work and Travel is popular and well-known among university students because its fabulous advertisement saying students will be rich after working in USA. Further more, the program also said that students will gain work experiences, life experiences and be able to improve their English ability. And in result, many students fell for this beautiful imaginative advertisement. For what I have experienced from Work and Travel program last summer vacation, parts of the advertisement are true. It is sensible, when you work, you will be paid and of course, working with foreigners gives you experience and opportunity to improve your English. However, there are some facts you need to be prepared before attend the program, for example, will you enjoy your work and other problems that the advertisement has never mentioned. Rumor has it; there are numbers of agencies that are irresponsible. Those agencies abandon students when they arrived the States. After that, students cannot work and they were not paid. As a result, they had to fly back to Thailand before time. Other examples which are commonly see, students did not enjoy their works, they were sent to work differently from what they had agreed, and they cannot work well with their colleagues. No matter what problems students had, they cannot change their jobs because it was under the agreements and contracts that they might be charged and fined if they change or quit their jobs, and if they have quitted, they have to return to their countries immediately. The solution for all these problems is to bear with their jobs. The working wages in USA is higher

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