Does Virginity Matter Nowadays

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Does Virginity Matter Nowadays? I stand before you to share a very important thing about an issue that somewhat being taken for granted by some of the youth today. Does virginity matter nowadays?! Does it or not? To all the people in this room, haven’t you asked yourself about this? Virginity? Preservation? And morality? Well, when I researched about this, I have learned and proved many things not only for myself but for the benefit of everyone who is here. Being physically pure has special significance, something to be valued. This is especially true in societies where there are traditional and religious views. Reminiscing the centuries that passed specifically in our country, preservation of oneself is a priceless gift of an individual. For they believe that virginity is a dignity, preserving it will give you more respect not only for your own self but also from the people that surround you. Also, virginity is the best gift that you can give to your special someone whom you have promised to live with for the rest of your life. But, in the present time, is this being valued? In our society today, even the media do not prohibit this kind of manner anymore. Making love, kissing scenes are shown boldly in the public through television, Internet and even magazines. Because of these, there are many unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and abortion cases nowadays. Everyone became numbed by the thought that since a lot of people are “tolerating” not just this particular issue, then maybe it’s okay. That’s the most triggering idea. Misleading youth to a wrong practice could influence the future generation to come. Now tell me, does it matter or
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