Does the Type of Visual Stimuli Affect the Global Precedence Effect? Essay

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Abstract This study examined whether type of visual stimuli (letter or symbols) affect the response times at Globlal Level. Participants needed to identify global and local shapes and letters, reaction times in milliseconds were recorded. The study was a variation of Navon’s (1977) and Yovel’s (2001) experiment. The current experiment used a 2x2 repeated measures design, and all of the participants performed on all four conditions. Results showed that overall it took longer for participants to identify shape stimuli compared to letter stimuli but that there was no significant difference in reaction time at target level. Introduction All visual stimuli in our environment contain different levels of organization from the most detailed features (local level) to the largest holistic features (global level). ‘The perception of a forest is based upon a global analysis, whereas a local analysis is necessary to note the individual objects in the scene, such as the trees themselves or the individual features of each tree, their leaves and their branches’ (Poirel et al. 2007). The question is does the type of visual stimuli affect whether we process the information from top to bottom (global to local) or vice versa. Navon (1977; Ness et al., 2014) claimed that perceptual processes are temporarily organized, so that they proceed from global structuring towards more detailed analysis. His experiments aimed to show that perceptual systems process every scene starting with the global feature, leading to the local features. In Navon’s ‘focused attention tasks’ (as cited in Ness et al. 2014), participants were directed to look at either the large global letter or the small local letters. He used large letters for his visual stimuli (the global level) which were made out of smaller letters (the local level). Participants had to identify either the larger characters or

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