Texas Governor Should Not Have More Power

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Since 1974, a well paid salary and a four-year term has been given to the Texas Governor. The Texas governor has never been female, so basically, he is a white male that might be a businessman with a conservative view. The Texas Governor, currently Rick Perry, is powerful within his state, yet he must has to follow Federal Law. As a personal opinion, the Governor of Texas should not have more power than he has now. First of all, it is true that the Governor of Texas is constitutionally weak, yet he enjoys a range of important functions that he is able to implement. For example, the Governor controls the regional planning and federal grants applications. Also, he has the right to veto on the legislature, which in most cases is an absolute power. In addition, the Governor of Texas is the commander in chief of the military forces, and he can control others law enforcement agencies during difficult times. Furthermore, Texas Governor might not have the direct control over the state, yet he has the control over the presiding officers of appointed board and commissions, as being the head of the executive branch on the state government.…show more content…
As an illustration, when the capital punishment is referred, the governor can grant pardons. Nevertheless, only the Board of Pardons can suggest the Governor who can be pardoned or not, yet the governor has the choice on giving the pardon or continue the
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