Does The Media Hold Government Accountable?

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Does the Media Hold Government Accountable? “Culturally, the ability and willingness of the citizens to engage in political life alongside the quality of public communication play an important part in strengthening the link between those in power and the citizenry” (Voltmer). The competition between news channels has developed a haze between real reporting and TV ratings. Mr. Colbert made a valid point using sarcasm in his comedic speech at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner in 2006. In addition, the news media focuses on formats that are designed to produce news that sells. The constant points on drama, eye catching headlines, and strategic games of power fail to provide substantial information about government accountability. What does a politician’s number of marriages have to do how they are performing in office? The media looses site of real issues for example unemployment rates, poverty, health issues, balancing the budget, the list goes on. In my opinion, people in general do not like conflict. I think that the media centers on single events, on conflict, and what goes wrong. The repercussions are citizens do not vote or tune out politics as a whole. In conclusion, we as citizens have to take part in some of the blame. More reality shows are broadcasted today than ever before. The demand to see inside of peoples personal lives is very appealing to the overall public. We as citizens should focus more on improving our daily lives by not buying in to the garbage. If we as citizens stop watching such mess, the media will have no choice but to report the news that strengthens our country instead of demising it. References David B. Magleby, P. C. (2011 National Edition). Government by the People. In P. C. David B. Magleby, Government by the People (p. 625). New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall. Voltmer, K. (n.d.). Retrieved March 03, 2012, from

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