Does Society Really Know Best? Essay

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Does Society Really Know Best? The wise Dr. Suess once said, “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” Since we were young, we have been taught to “be ourselves” at all times. Our elders try to plant the idea in our minds that whoever can’t accept us for who we are shouldn’t be a stumbling block in our lives. But how long can we ignore those stumbling blocks if, unfortunately, they truly are preventing us from getting ahead in our everyday lives? These days, instead of encouraging individuals to choose things that will differentiate them from the rest, they try to fit in with the majority. In this generation, society’s standards of what is “acceptable” have grown to be utterly disgusting. This includes various things such as basing an individual’s worth on his/her attire, but also basing it on his/her body size and on his/her sexual orientation. It is very common for society to base an individual’s worth on his/her style of dress. When it comes to job interviews, for example, if someone is unable to afford the more expensive attire that his/her competitions happen to be wearing, he/she is automatically looked at as the lesser of the two, or the less knowledgeable. Or if a woman is wearing a skirt any shorter than the average length, that automatically makes her “trashy.” Let’s face it: the classier the attire, the higher up on the corporate ladder a person is going to sit. But what about freedom of expression? The way we choose to dress plays one of the biggest roles in expressing ourselves, yet we have school systems removing that freedom by enforcing school uniforms, and retail shops insisting we dress a certain way in order to fit into the standards many have set throughout the years. It’s a shame that so many individuals have comparable, or perhaps even better qualifications and skill though

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