Does Social Support Effectively Ameliorate the Effects of Depression?

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JM Abstract It is well known that social support is an important factor when concerning a person’s physical and mental well-being. However social support is definitely not the sole factor determining ones mental health and may not even be an influential factor depending on the person’s background and mental state. Other factors that have shown effects on depression include physical well-being, physical support, sex, age, and willingness to accept help when you may need it. Depression is not uncommon among society as a whole, and I’m sure that a lot of people feel down and depressed at least a few times a year. This can lead to discouragement, poor performance, and mood whether it is at work, home, or while doing something you like such as a hobby, sport, or interest. However the levels or the severity of depression is extremely vast and can affect almost anyone, try thinking of the last time you felt really down, as if nothing could bring any joy or even a smile, as if nothing mattered and you can’t bear to leave the house and face the world. Now imagine having that feeling of sadness and anxiety every day. It is hard to imagine when you have not experienced it yourself or if you haven’t dealt with a friend or family member suffering from depression, but the question is how can you combat this mental illness? The main factors I believe that help include exercise, diet, social support, physical support, treatment, and medication, but not all of them are suitable for every patient and in this essay I will discuss which combinations of treatment and support I think are best for different people. The causes of depression vary between everyone, but more specifically, age, sex, marital status, personality, and somewhat ethnicity are the main deciding factors determining a person’s mental health. Then from these factors and depending on the current
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