How does shakespear convey the ending as equally satisfying and confusing? Essay

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‘Romeo and Juliet’ I feel does have a satisfying and original ending, as it is no ordinary love story. I feel the audience would be expecting a typical stereotype ending where two people meet and fall madly in love and live happily ever after. On the contrary, Shakespeare has skilfully created suspense illustrating the extreme opposite showing another dimension of how powerful and influential love can be. ‘What’s here? A cup, closed in my true love hands? Poison I see? The audience would sympathise towards Juliet throughout this scene, as she shows how distraught she is to find Romeo dead. She calls Romeo her ‘True Love’ giving the audience the impression that he is the only one for her and to live without him would be unbearable. The question mark and commas in the quote illustrates her confusion and bewilderment. The pauses in the quote show her shock and disbelief of her surroundings. The audience believes that Juliet was madly in love with Romeo and so when she commits suicide herself it come as a shock to the audience because it’s so tragic and sad. ‘There rust and let me die’ to me this quote feels like an order ‘let me die’ this suggests that she really wants to die and she doesn’t want anyone to stop her from doing so. At this point the audience would feel powerless and helpless because Juliet has taken control over her own destiny. ‘There rust’ this translates into modern language that she would rather decay just like a iron nail would discolour and rust away over a period of time after being left out in the rain just like Juliet has been left to decay away because she can’t go on living with a broken heart. Overall the ending is satisfying because it concludes passionately and the audience truly believes they were devoutly in love and couldn’t bear to live without each other. Capulet’s (Juliet’s father) personality traits show throughout the play as

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