Does Religon Still Have a Place in Modern Society

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Does religion still have a place in the society? In our current society, we have the various religions that play their part in making it a conducive place for living. We have multiple religions such as Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and the list goes on. These above mentioned religions were once of equal status with the government and the society. In most circumstances the society or the government would sought the advice of their most prominent religion in matters of ethics and even the authorisation of policy making. However in a increasingly secular society the role of religion is diminishing and it no longer holds much relevance that it once did. Most of us are guilty of celebrating another’s religious festival without truly understanding the significance of the celebration. For example, my family celebrates Christmas every year despite being born Hindus. We do this by decorating the Christmas tree and exchanging gifts with one another. This is not a negative thing as it shows the inclusivity of our society. However it also portrays the escalation of secularity and how religion has become less important in the 21st century. With factors such as race, class and financial status becoming relevant in our everyday lives, we have started to take religion for granted. Instead of being inspired by the words of our religion many are using it as a social grouping mostly to benefit themselves or a particular group. Furthermore religion itself is slow to move with the times and find modern-day relevance which makes us believe that the teachings or beliefs are is not applicable to our society. Despite fewer people aligning themselves to a religion, it still has the ability to mould the thoughts and actions of those who follow it. This can be seen in our elders as religion played a greater role in shaping their society and infusing culture allowing to
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