Does Religion Cause War?

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Does Religion Cause War? We live in a world which you can not imagine without religion. Every people knows that religion belief is in the human nature from beginning to end. A human being is born with religion requirement. So this makes religion so important thing for people lifes. Well, is religion so important as much as it can cause a warfare? Shortly, does religion cause war? History can give the best answer to this question. There were lost of warfare which happened because of religion in history. Very well known ones of them are crusades and jehads and also we can mention about suicide bombings as well. While the proponents of this argue that religion causes wars the opponents claim that this is simply untrue. Personally, I do not think so. First of all, let us deal with the popular thought that ‘most wars are caused by religion’. In my humble opinion, this is not so true thought. According to an academic research, in the last 3500 years, there was no effect of religion for %60 of them. Only 40% were viewed as truly religious wars. We can say a lot of other cause for warfare as well as racism, economic causes, national interests and national ego. As an example for racism causes, Jews in Germany during the 1930s achieved via a massive propaganda campaign following the seizing of power by the Nazi party. This was a necessary precursor to the subsequent attempt to eradicate the population in the ‘final solution’. The purpose of the campaign was to get people to view the Jews, not as human beings, but as vermin. For the economic causes, I can give an example from Napoleon Bonapart. When Napoleon defeated Spain in warfare, King of Spain says Napoleon ‘’ You just come and fight to get money, spoil, gold and land but we fight just for our honor and purity.’’ And Napoleon answers ‘’ Yeah, that is right. Everyone fights for what they need. ‘’
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