Does Religion Cause War?

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Does Religion Cause War Religion is a faith to a higher being who has created us. It was also used as law in history to keep crimes from being committed. The terrible consequence to breaking these laws was to be forever rotting in hell. Religion was created to reassure the people that they were not an accident. It was made to keep peace and justice in the world. But the words can be manipulated and used as an excuse to start wars, thus leading people to believe that the world would be a better place without religion. Many high ranking officials in history needed large groups of people to be on their side. They pulled words out of the bible one by one to persuade religious people into fighting the war for them. Religion has always been used to get what people want. In history, Catholic priests were highly ranked and very well respected. Even royalty had to listen to what they proposed. They were the only ones who could read the bible because peasants did not have the knowledge to read. The priests and bishops were able to manipulate everything in the bible and have everyone donate and pay the church. As long as peasants paid enough money, their sins would be forgiven. Their greatest fear back then was not death, but afterlife. They were equally afraid of ending up in hell and purgatory. Their fears made them vulnerable to lies made by money hungry church officials. Hitler was also one who manipulated religion to bring himself to power and wipe out Jews. He justified that in the bible, Jesus was killed by Jews and now he is just avenging Jesus. Hitler made it seems like it was fine to mass murder and kill everyone who was not German. His followers were so blinded by the hype that they didn't realize they betrayed their own religion. Most religions state that murder and killing people are crimes and whoever disobeys this law is a sinner. In Christianity, one of the
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