Does Progress Reduce the Number of Problems in the World, or Does Solving Old Problems Just Lead to New Ones?

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Does progress reduce the number of problems in the world, or does solving old problems just lead to new ones? It’s undeniable that progress does eliminate a vast number of difficulties throughout the world. However, attending all the benefits created by resolving old problems have created some new drawbacks; the diminishing resources and health crises are manifest among these drawbacks. Hence, in reality, progress has the very possibility to initiate new difficulties while completely resolving old ones. Although the high-tech innovations have made communication more efficient, it’s clear that these innovations also lead to some environmental problems. The detriment of mass-producing technology is that it results in environmental damage. For instance, currently some factories that produce those innovations will dump their waste to the river, which undermines the world ecosystem. Furthermore, the radioactive elements of the electronic equipment cause the deterioration of the land and reduce the area of the usable land for farming. The use of water for production purposes will lead to a water shortage. Eventually, only a drop of water can be used per person daily may become a truth. If this trend continues, some devastating consequences will pervade. Moreover, although improvement in food and medicine production has made lives more comfortable, these improvements also cause some widely acknowledged issues. In current society, food is processed quickly and is sold cheaply. As a result, children are more likely to consume unhealthy meals compared to the previous centuries. Because some children have no self-control when it comes to food consumption, consequently more and more juveniles get diabetes and obesity. In addition, as demonstrated by medical professionals, medicine serves to improve human health. It saves millions of people, kids, and

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