Does Nationalism? How Does Nationalism Lead To Imperialism

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Patricia Fields 10/1/14 1. What is Nationalism? Populism? Imperialism? How does nationalism lead to imperialism? Nationalism is the loyalty and devotion to one’s nation. In order to achieve nationalism, the country must have language, territory, literature, and history in common. Populism was based on people's dissatisfaction of the government. It appealed to the interests of the general people, and usually went against the interests of those in power. Imperialism is extending one state’s control over to another. So, in other words, a more powerful state taking control of a weaker one. Nationalism leads to imperialism in a direct and indirect way. The powerful state that is producing the goods can force the weaker state…show more content…
Politically, conversatism consisted of the hereditary monarchy, a democracy that was rejected, and political decisions made by the monarch and his personal advisors. Liberalism favored the governments that were based on constitutions and separation of powers. It was a supporter of a republican government, or a constitutional monarchy where the ruler is elected by the people. Socially, conservatism wanted social order, much like the Three Estates System, while liberalism defended the natural rights of all people to liberty, equality, and property. The Industrial Revolution was rejected by the conservatives because it brought more power to the bourgeoisie, who owned the means of production, while it weakened the nobles. Liberalism embraced the Industrial Revolution, as it was considered the “bourgeois liberalism”. Religiously, they were very different as well. Conversatism favored a well established, powerful church (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox), and believed the Enlightenment had brought violence upon the Catholic church. There wasn’t much separation between church and state. Liberalism was the opposite. They believed in the separation of church and state and opposed any “official” church. They believed in freedom and equal statuses for all
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