Does Money Buy Happiness

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Does money buy happiness? February 6, 2013 Saint Joseph College

The definition of happiness is the “quality or state of being happy” or “state of well being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.” To me, happiness comes from being able to be satisfied with the life you have instead of wanting a different life than the one you have. Happiness to me is the ability to have fun and be all you can be and not being able to hold back from anything. To me happiness is what you make it, but happiness does not have one meaning, it has many different meanings and different people around the world have different meanings than others because of their life and experiences. The reason I say this is because different people have a different feelings of happiness. One little thing can make a person happy, but to another person it does not. Example, a poor person gets a dollar, and an average person gets a dollar. The poor person is going to be happy and satisfied because of what a person has given him and now he can use that one-dollar to eat something, but towards the other person the one-dollar will not be worth as much as to the poor person.
Now the key components of happiness are self-respect, assertiveness, letting go of the past, family and friends (human connection), having goals in life, love, and belief in God. To me these are the key components of happiness. In happiness you must have self-respect because if you cannot have respect for yourself, who’s going to want to be with you or be in your present. You must be proud of who you are and the choices you have made or will make. In happiness you must not be afraid to give your opinion on anything you think is wrong or right. Basically what I’m trying to say is to speak your mind. In happiness you must let go of the past, meaning not to keep a grudge on someone or

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