Does Love Belong in a Marriage

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Does Love Belong In Marriage? In the essay “The Radical Idea of Marrying for Love” the author, Stephanie Coontz, looks at the traditions of love in marriage across many different cultures throughout the years and compares them to the Western world’s idea of marrying for love. Historically there have been many different reasons for marriage though the main reason was not usually for love but instead political or economical gain for the family. In cultures like India, Greece, and China, love was actually considered a distraction, even a hazard, and not usually a desirable emotion in a marriage. The Chinese believed that love in a marriage could disrupt the loyalty that a man was supposed to have to his family above all else. This aversion to love in a Chinese marriage was so strong that the word love itself became synonymous with an inappropriate relationship. In much of medieval Europe it was socially acceptable to love a mistress or someone outside of the marriage but it was believed that there was no place for love between a husband and wife. Now and in the past, co-parenting, wife-loaning and polygamy are common practices in marriages in many cultures in order to help the family unit to survive, grow and prosper. In modern western culture, love and passion are considered very desirable and even the most important part of a marriage. In this culture love, sex and emotional companionship are supposed to exist exclusively between husband and wife. The pressure to conform to this type of relationship has been detrimental to the foundation of marriage
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